About Us

DSTECHUAS was founded in 2020(a tough year with pandemic). Although we were born less than 3 years, our members have over 10 years experience in drone manufacturing and R&D. We are committed to providing drones with stable performances for customers. With intensive drone knowledge, we set some tests after designing -- wind tunnel simulation, manual prototype production, flight test, data adjustment -- then put them into production, which guarantee the data accuracy and precision.

The desire for innovation and perfection drives our team more concentrated. Therefore, we have been researching and updating new drones. 

Now our products mainly cover drones and its customized services. We provide industrial or hobby-grade multi-rotor, VTOL, effective mission payloads, GCS and propulsion system for mapping, inspection, logistics and agriculture.

In the future we will promote drone performance business, adding a new form of enjoying attractions around the world.