DSTECHUAS G50 Heavy Load VTOL Fixed Wing Drone ARF

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1 x DSTECH G50 VTOL fixed-wing airframe
4 x Lift motor
4 x ESC for lift motr
2 x 29 inch CF Propeller CW&CCW
1 x ESC for fixed-wing motor
1 x Fixed-wing motor
1 x 26 inch CF Propeller CW for fixed-wing motor
4 x Servo
1 x Air Speedometer
1 x Power Module For Flight Controller
1 x CUAV X7 Pro flight controller with differential GPS
1 x FRSKY  radio controller
1 x DLA116 EFI engine
1 x 15L fuel tank
2 x 14S 10000mAh HV lipo battery
1 x Assembly and Flight Test Service
2 x Aviation box