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DS-120 hexacopter is a multipurpose heavy-lift platform. It equips with powerful integrated Hobbywing X6 power system to ensure fast response and big loading capacity. The foldable arms and retractable landing gear make it easy to transport and capable of lifting various payloads. The max payload can be 7kg and max endurance 60 minutes with Zues Power semi-solid 30ah battery. It works with Pixhawk Cube Orange flight controller and Herelink 2.4Ghz HD video transmission system to realize video, data transmission and radio control. DS120 is compatible with a variety of loads, such as zoom camera with gimbal, multispectral camera, Sony A7\A6000 series cameras,Lidra for aerial photography, survey, mapping ,security patrol and emergency, etc.

Wheelbase:1200mmFrame weight:2.6kgPower system:Hobbywing X6 Max Payload:7kgMax Take-off Weight 20kgMax Endurance:60 minutes(no payload)Max flying Speed:15m/s(manual mode)Max Lifting Speed:5m/sMax Descent Speed:3m/s Suggested Flight Altitude ≤500mWorking Voltage:48v Recommended Battery:2x Zues Power 6s 30000mah semi-solid battery