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Wing span:
2700mm(2kg payload)

Pilot Whale PRO is an upgraded version of Pilot Whale. It has a more efficient aerodynamic layout. It has a wingspan of 2.7 meters and a payload of 2 kg. Can reach an effective flight time of 3 hours and 40 minutes with 1 kg payload. The maximum effective range reaches 260 kilometers, and the deployment can be completed within 30 seconds right before the takeoff, which greatly improves operational efficiency. Pilot Whale PRO can be modified with Gimbal cameras, Mapping cameras, Lidar, etc., which can adapt to multiple tasks such as patrols and surveying and mapping.

Aircraft frame**1

VTOL Motor*4


Fixed wing Motor*1

Fixed wing ECS*1

Cube Orange*1

CUAV X7+ *1(optional)

CUAV C-RTK 9Ps High Precision Positioning Module *2 

Assembly and flight test service*1